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Jan 29, 2022
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Website Maintenance Plans


Having a Maintenance Plan for your WordPress website is like having a personal on-call web master.  We’ll handle all of your updates, edits, image changes, and troubleshooting for you so that you won’t have to.

If you don’t like making updates or don’t know how, a website maintenance plan is a time saver & a stress reliever.


Our WordPress website maintenance plan packages support the overall health and performance of your website. These plans include core software updates, security scans to protect against malware, uptime monitoring, spam management, and general website upkeep that is all detailed in a monthly report  sent directly to your inbox. WordPress website maintenance plans ensure that your website remains healthy and operates at optimum levels for you and your site’s visitors.  It’s like having your own tech support team on staff.


Ever wonder how your website is performing in searches? We can review your site for opportunities to improve your rankings.  We can even install SEO tools on your site to provide insights for each page.




Speak or email with the same person each time.  We’ll get to know you, your business, and your website.  This relationship helps us help you build and grow your online presence in the most effective way possible.


Consulting calls are great for talking through new concepts.  Wondering if an idea will work or how to implement it? We’ll walk you through it.  If you need some coaching on website best practices or how to generate more leads, we can help you with that, too.

*We can cater plans to fit your needs. Pricings above are our usual packages, contact us if you have specific needs (eCommerce, specific changes each month..etc).

*Any additional monthly editing over the allowed time is automatically billed at our regular hourly rate of $55 pr hr.

*Any additional edit minutes not used DO NOT roll over to the next month. Editing minutes are non-transferrable.
*Reg price is applied to clients not hosted by BH DESIGNz or website not created by BH DESIGNz.

Not Sure What Package You Need? Contact Us

No Contract Website Maintenance Plans

We know that developing strong business to business relationships is the key to success – and sometimes contracts get in the way. Because we are no contract, we know that we have to earn your trust every step of the way. We strive to provide our website clients with excellent customer service and reliable website hosting and maintenance. Whether you’d just like website hosting and monitoring, or you’d like us to update your website with monthly specials or add people to your about us page, we are here for you!

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